I Am Finley

I Shudder at Night


I published this on Facebook two years ago. At times I look back at what I have written and question my wording, other times I look back and see a fire that I never want to lose. This is a fire I never want to lose.

The town I grew up in was tolerant in a way I don't see often today. We accepted that others had different views than ours, even if we didn't accept their views. It didn't matter who needed help, my family would pitch in to help. That is the Christian way.

I was never taught to ask if someone was homosexual, adulterous, a liar, or anything else. I was taught to love my neighbor and my enemy. In fact, I didn't know of a single homosexual in my graduating class until friending them on Facebook and seeing it in their posts. Charlie was among my friends, Gordon someone I admired, and Dani was a sassy girl that humored me. Things that they did never mattered to us in my hometown. Not once.

I had a black sister since before I can remember. She wasn't my actual sister, just one of many that we adopted. I can honestly say that it never hit me until sometime in high school that she was different. The thing is, she wasn't. She was no different. Her skin may have been darker than mine, but it never mattered to me or my family. Not once.

Things are different today. The media is louder. More in our faces. Maybe I never realized the controlling voices of the floating heads before I was outside my li'l piece of the Midwest. They cry hate and bigot left and right. Words I never understood until the floating heads showed me what they meant.

Intolerance, they echoed, but not at those that caused problems, not at those that hurt people, not at those that called homosexuals faggots, not at those that called blacks niggers. No, they screamed it at Christians that said that Jesus was the way, that we all need Him that made us.

These people are the lovers that still stop and help a stranger. These are those with compassion enough to drop their privileged lives in America to travel to Cambodia, Croatia, and Bulgaria to help the widows and the orphans, building homes and spreading Hope.

The talking heads bring them into the spotlight and give them the Litmus test: Do you believe homosexuality is a sin? They don't care about anything else. And once the answer they already have is given, they shred them for being intolerant, bigotrous, and hateful. It's followed by every media channel echoing the same decree.

This is not America. This America scares me.

I shudder at night, fearing that if I speak my faith in the wrong corner that I will lose my job, my livelihood, or worse. But I will never say of my Lord "I don't know Him." I fear my Lord over all else.


The iPad Pro has an App Store Problem


"Sketch on the Mac costs $99, and we wouldn’t dare ask someone to pay $99 without having seen or tried it first," Omvlee said in a recent interview with The Verge. "So to be sold through the App Store, we would have to dramatically lower the price, and then, since we’re a niche app, we wouldn’t have the volume to make up for it."

The Verge

Lot’s of great points that unfortunately have been repeated over and over in the last 5 years of iPad. If Apple’s intent is for this to replace desktop and laptop computers for many people, developers have to take the risk on the platform.

When the likes of Microsoft, Adobe, and even Apple are releasing software for free on iPad, the bar is set too low for prices. When developers cannot offer a free trial or paid upgrades, the only option is to price super low and make up for the cost in volume. But “pro” apps are typically a niche market. Developers cannot make a living from selling apps for $5.


Live With Your Medium


When you live with a device, you learn what works and what doesn’t work. What is needed and what isn’t. For most developers, the iPhone is on them all the time. For many, the iPad isn’t. Because of this, I believe many iPad apps are lacking.

Most iPad apps are just scaled up iPhone apps. Between Auto-Layout, Size Classes, and more, Apple has made it nearly effortless for app developers to make an iPhone app that “just works” on iPad. But this isn’t always pretty. Just look at Twitter on iPad. One column, centered in the middle of the screen. Then look at Tweetbot. A custom two-column layout, tab bar on the left and even some basic keyboard shortcuts.

Developers need to spend time with their medium. Web developers that spend a lot of time on the web get more experience by seeing what others are doing and how. iPhone developers see the latest tricks, trends, and standards by simply using their phones. This same care needs to be applied to iPad. Live with your app and see what works.


Horace Dediu’s Apple Pencil Review


Stellar review of the Apple Pencil by Horace.


How Christians Are Supposed to Feel About Syrian Refugees


I love this straight shooting from Matt Heerema.

If a head of state asks “Christian, how do you feel about housing Syrian refugees?”, our answer ought to be “I will gladly lay down my life for theirs!”

And he is right. But he goes on:

If you are a head of state, however, you must worry about a vast array of things, including the safety of your citizens, the integrity of your economy, the security of your borders…

This is what many are not understanding right now: the separation between what I should do and what my government should do. While the people might offer to take in refugees, our government needs to be thinking first and foremost about the safety of it’s citizens. It has been shown that between one and three of the Paris attackers snuck in with Syrian refugees. No one is suggesting that all Syrian refugees are terrorists, just that the government needs to make sure before we let them into the U.S. when ISIS is already threatening to attack us in similar fashion.


iPad and Multitasking


I spent much of the weekend on my iPad. Some of that was working on designs in Graphic and some of it was research and writing. Unfortunately I have an iPad mini 2, which doesn’t support the new Split Screen, but it does support the Slide Over and Picture-in-Picture.

Actually sitting down and using it for the first time since Apple put it out in beta over the summer, I started feeling where the new multitasking could use some work. And then I read this article on Six Colors. They summerized nearly everything I was feeling, but I especially love these two ideas.

Overall, I have fallen back in love with my iPad. It is growing up and becoming a more productive device.


iPad Pro and Me


On Saturday I took a trip to Best Buy to play with the iPad Pro. And that sent me on a research trip over the weekend to see if it could replace my current setup. Right now I have a MacBook Air and a iPad mini. The MacBook is used for development and design work and the iPad is used for everything else. Unfortunately, the iPad Pro is way too large and awkward for use in bed, so I feel I would need to keep the iPad mini for that. And, so far, the “pro” software for iPad isn’t good enough to fully replace my Mac needs.

Here is how I see my uses:

Where design apps lack on iOS is slicing and outputting graphics, something required for development. If Pixelmator or Graphic allowed you to quickly slice and output images on iOS, I wouldn’t need a Mac for that.

Beyond that, I need Xcode for iOS. There is Dringend, but it requires a remote Mac to compile and it cannot open Storyboards/XIBs. Some of my projects are Storyboard/XIB free, but not all.

I would love to be able to replace my Mac with an iPad Pro, but unfortunately I cannot yet. I can use an iPad Pro for a lot of what I do, though. So I am considering one.


It’s Just a Cup


Planned Parenthood, a group that kills babies, is found out to be selling baby parts for profit.

A pizzeria receiving threatening phone calls, emails, tweets, and non-stop slander on Yelp and Google because they said they wouldn’t cater a gay wedding.

ISIS throwing gays off rooftops while the media turns a blind eye.

What do all of these have in common? These are things that Christians should be in an uproar about. Babies, the downtrodden, and the persecuted. Yet my feeds were clear of most of that while each of these events were at their heights. And now I see so many of my fellow Christians in an uproar about a cup.

Let’s be real. If you put Santa in a mall and don’t mention Christmas, you’re an idiot. You aren’t avoiding offending anyone or excluding anyone because the only holiday that involves a big jolly fat man in red this time of year is Christmas. Kwanzaa doesn’t. Hanukkah doesn’t. Only Christmas.

If you have a tree decorated with tinsel, lights, and ornaments: you have a Christmas tree. Calling it a holiday tree serves no one. No other holiday involves that tree.

But, as a free-market supporter and a conservative, I’m not going to force your business to call it a Christmas tree or to wish me a Merry Christmas. I might call you an idiot, but I won’t force your hand. I might choose to shop elsewhere, but I won’t force you to change.

So that brings us to a stupid little cup. Christians, when they see you stay silent about the murder of gays at the hands of ISIS and the selling of baby parts, what witness are you providing by complaining about that red cup? That $5 coffee is likely money not going towards providing an entire meal for a poor family or a week’s worth of water for a person in Africa. But you know, let’s complain about people not knowing how awesome Jesus is while we continue to not show them Jesus.


I’m Sorry Dribbble


What I witnessed on a Dribbble shot the other day was more than disturbing as two men, David Kovalev and Eric Hoffman, voiced a concern about the nudity and sexuality of the shot being inappropriate for this site: they were torn apart by rabid wolves, insulted and mocked and the bullying continued onto Twitter. I myself got roped in when I expressed my solidarity with them and had to fend off a troll that ended his attack by sending me multiple nude images on Twitter.

This community once was a place to talk and receive feedback from amazing designers and peers unlike anything that came before. While DeviantArt was chock full of immature teenagers and young college students, Dribbble was largely full of professionals.

Now, it has clearly devolved into a cesspool where those that are loudest and rudest get the most amount of credit, and those that dissent are mocked and trolled to the applause of everyone else.

This isn't a community I want to be a part of, a community I want to support. Something has to change or I will likely not be renewing my Pro membership next year.

I posted this on Dribbble the other day after two men and myself were bullied on a thread of a nude shot— that another player posted— and followed onto Twitter for more ridicule for suggesting that this was not the place for these kind of images. Today I received the following from the Dribbble team:

Not only have they removed my shot and reprimanded me for “preaching” and “stirring up controversy”, they have threatened to suspend my account if I break their rules again. Rules that also disallow porn, nudity, or sex in shots on their site. But the original shot that we voiced a concern about remains. Along with the comments featured in my shot.

This is 2015, when people that complain about nudity on a site meant to be work friendly are threatened with suspension and bullied by the community for speaking up. Because #tolerance.


Dear Liberal Lynch Mob


Even though we live in the age of freely accessible information, thanks to you, the Leftist lynch mob, our citizenry is dumber than ever, calling for justice before you know the crime. Demanding a white cop be strung up and killed for daring to be white and on the job, or a hunter to be hunted and killed himself, you never never pause to say “Hey, maybe there’s two sides to this story and we should wait for answers.” No. What matters is merely your hatred, the hashtags and the race to be the dumbest flying turd-nuggets in the wicked brigade of #JusticeWithoutFacts.

Louder With Crowder

Another week, another liberal lynch mob angry about another situation they barely understand, but don't care to know much about other than the race of those involved. Can we get just one media team to say, “Guys, maybe we can wait until we know more before we light our torches”? This is just ugly, guys.