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Top 5 Links of the Week

Top 5

As you can see one week in, I will be sharing quite a few links here. These are my favorites for the week.

1. Budweiser’s “Lost Dog” Superbowl Commercial Will Make You Cry

Super Bowl is coming this weekend and that means ad time. Budweiser does a great job at playing the heartstrings with puppies and Clydesdales.

2. New Trend? Let Your Kids Play Alone, Get Arrested. by GeekDad

I love when you see a blog that leans left post something that leans very far right. GeekDad went full tirade against helicopter parenting, the current trend in communities to report the parents of kids playing alone to the authorities, and the authorities to take legal action against those parents. The horror!

3. Design Studios Are Not Going Away by Ben Cline

We lost the great design studio Teehan + Lax, whiched caused a lot of talk in the community that design studios were becoming a thing of the past. Ben Cline comes in the set us straight.

4. Go Daddy Ad Shows that We Care Too Much About the Wrong Things by I.N.F.O. for Families

Normally the uproar about Go Daddy at Super Bowl is the amazing objectifying of women they are capable of. This year? Puppies and demands that they retract their multi-million dollar ad and apologize. And they did just that. I.N.F.O for Families checks our priorities.

5. Don’t Stress About Smartwatch Battery Life by Kit Eaton

Great history on the watch and batteries. Did you know the first pocket watch didn’t have a second hand? Or that they were so bad at keeping time that they’d be off my hours? Great read!

Well, all, have a very Super Bowl and I’ll see you back here on Monday!