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5 Top Links of the Week

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Ending’s third week since relaunch, the site has almost crossed 70 posts. Feature articles on music Red — of, Beauty and Rage, and culture, A Case of New Tolerance and Ignorance, were published this week and next week I’ll be posting my first game review. By and large, the posts on are links, though. Once a week I’ll do a link roundup called 5 Top Links of the Week. So here are your Top Links!

1. Alto’s Adventure

Absolutely stunning game coming from Snowman. Beautiful landscapes and lighting, simple yet addictive gameplay. Full review coming later this week!

2. Rejecting the Industrialized Sex of “50 Shades of Grey”

Amazing points on how radically sex has been changed since the sexual revolution and how Christians can recover sex.

3. Spider-Man Comes to Marvel’s Cinematic Universe!

Some of the best news comic book fans have gotten in a while. Spider-Man will be swinging into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, hanging with Iron Man and Captain America in Civil War!

4. Mind-Blowing Web Engineering from Flipboard

It’s crazy what the engineers at Flipboard did to achieve 60 fps on mobile. Unfortunately it shows how poor HTML and CSS are for these kind of apps.

5. Apple World Today

The death of TUAW hurt. But the writers from TUAW started a new site called Apple World Today.