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Rashbaum told Rosen that he sometimes had troubling thoughts while doing abortions, as well as disturbing dreams about aborted babies. One image that often haunted him was the mental picture of a preborn baby hanging onto the walls of her mother’s womb with her tiny fingernails as Rashbaum tried to abort her. Rashbaum, of course, saw the torn apart bodies of aborted babies daily. The fact that he had disturbing thoughts and dreams is not surprising. But what he said next is. When Rosen asked Rashbaum how he dealt with the disturbing image of the struggling baby. Rausbaum replied:

Learned to live with it. Like people in concentration camps.

Seemingly taken aback, Rosen asked the abortionist if he really meant to make such an extreme comparison. Rashbaum answered:

I think it’s apt – destruction of life. Look! I’m a person, I’m entitled to my feelings. And my feelings are who gave me or anybody the right to terminate a pregnancy? I’m entitled to that feeling, but I also have no right communicating it to the patient who desperately wants that abortion. I don’t get paid for my feelings. I get paid for my skills… I’ll be frank. I began to do abortions in large numbers at the time of my divorce when I needed money. But I also believe in the woman’s right to control their biological destiny. I spent a lot of years learning to deliver babies. Sure, it sometimes hurts to end life instead of bringing it into the world.

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There is a reason why conservatives like myself reference the Holocaust when talking about abortion. The actions these “doctors” take, the way they extinguish life, is a horror of it’s own, beyond anything we could imagine is happening inside our nation. The nightmares that this man choose to live with are the natural reaction to ripping a child limb from limb.