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Top 5 Links of the Week

Top 5

This week was a good week for Not only did the site cross into the 80+ post realm, but a lot of this week was featured articles. Of the prior weeks I’ve posted 1 or 2 featured article along with 15-20 links. This week, 6 featured articles, including my first game review, first album review, first tutorial, and an article on Writer’s Block. Let’s say that I’ve started to write my way out of writer’s block.

1. Stu explains why net neutrality won’t make the Internet better

I will be publishing my take on net neutrality next week, but Stu makes some excellent points here on why it won’t make the Internet better.

2. Fashion in Technology

Been following Dustin for a while and this is a great piece looking at the auto industry, the computer industry, and where we’re going over the next few years.

3. New Yorker’s Interview with Jony Ive

So much awesomeness here. This article shook the Internet this week with how open it was about Apple and Jony Ive, as well as tidbits about his relationship with Steve Jobs.

4. A Letter to My Children About Fifty Shades of Grey

50 Shades of Grey is not about romance, but abuse. There is nothing sexual about beating a woman. It is purely psychological. As in, they need professional help, not a woman that will save them.

5. Tapbots Updates Calcbot of iOS!

I love Tapbots. Love. So them updating Calcbot has brought it back to my home screen, sharing space with Tweetbot of course.

So that’s the week. Next week I’ll be publishing articles on ISIS and Net Neutrality as well as a full review of Red’s new album that will be out on Tuesday. Thanks for reading!