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This week was a much slower week for news and blogging than last week. The reason for that has been that I’ve been on vacation in southern Illinois, where I grew up, with my wife and daughter. We left Chicago area on Wednesday morning and are heading back on Sunday.

Even with time off, I have been writing. On Monday I published my article on Net Neutrality and Friday I published my article on ISIS, War, Prophecy, and Ignorance. I had intended to write a review on the new Red album, but that went by the wayside for family time. The album is great and a review is coming early next week.

And as is the tradition, here are my top 5 links of the week.

1. Have Your Kids Eat Peanuts

Great to see this article trend this week. Feeding your infants peanuts makes them far less likely to develop peanut allergies.

2. Watch Design the Pebble Time Is Not

On Tuesday the new Pebble smart watch was announced via Kickstarter. Thus far they’ve made $11 million. But the design is, in my opinion, atrocious. It is functional, but nothing like the Apple Watch when it comes to design.

3. The New

One of my favorite development shops launches a new website and promises to be more transparent and consistent in releases.

4. March 9th — Spring Forward with Apple’s Latest Event

Here comes the Apple Watch!

5. Live Long and Prosper

Everyone’s favorite Vulcan, Leonard Nimoy, has passed away.