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Instagram Introduces Photo Sets… For Businesses

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It's a shame this feature is rolling out first to brands, because photo sets like these would likely be a hit with average users. They're hugely popular on Tumblr, generated automatically by Facebook's News Feed, and have more recently been adopted by Twitter. And users are already hacking photo sets onto Instagram using third-party apps that group multiple photos into a single image.

The Verge

That is a shame. I don’t know about other users, but I always feel bad when I rapid fire a few shots off on Instagram. My typical setup is that I shoot in Camera+ or Apple’s Camera app, edit in Camera+ sometime later, and then post to Instagram. This happened a few weeks back when we took Charlotte, my daughter, to the Shedd Aquarium. I’m not the type to stand there and post to Instagram while my family waits to move on to the next exhibit. No, I shoot a few dozen shots and then edit while my wife is in the bathroom or as we are walking to the car. To be able to post 4 shots as a set would be delightful without bombarding my followers.