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Top 5 Links of the (Last) Week

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Sorry readers, the end of last week didn’t go as planned and the weekend was crazy because of it. So instead of my Top 5 going up Saturday afternoon, like normal, it is going up now. My apologies.

1. Why so many Christians won’t backdown on gay marriage

A very well-worded article on the history of sexuality and Christianity and why it is to this day one of the most rigidly held elements of our faith.

2. Facebook Obsession

Is Facebook stifling your prayer life?

3. Spider-Man Moves to the Country

Hilarious short animation that answers something I’ve speculated for quite some time.

4. How to Be a Man with Art of Manliness

I’ve fallen in love with the Art of Manliness. If you’re a man and don’t know about the site, watch this interview and then follow their blog!

5. Apple Mustn’t Know the Midwest

With Apple’s new patent, I might never make it home to see the family.