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Things that Make Me Hyperventilate: Iron Man Inside Iron Man

Every time I see Iron Man I think about his armor being heavily damaged in a fight and how long it could take to get him out of it. I’m claustrophobic. Not terribly so, but tight spaces don’t play well with me. When I was in a car accident a few years ago, the car flipped and landed on my side. My passenger was the first out, through his door that was pointing skyward. When he removed his seatbelt, he slid down onto me. My heart is skipping a beat right now thinking about it. For anyone with a phobia (not just a fear), you know what it’s like to have that irrational panic take over.

So this image came through my feeds this morning. The Hulkbuster armor from Avengers II. Not only is it a giant armor suit, Iron Man’s normal suit is worn while inside this. There goes my heart again. The hours necessary to get him out… Yeah, phobias suck.