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Terry Pratchett and Sight

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I don’t know much about Terry Pratchett and I don’t read much science fiction outside of comics, but this quote is great on many levels. While, yes, on a completely narrow level of Earth, we live within specific bubbles without realizing what is just outside of our small world, also on a spiritual level, in Christ we are awoken to the reality beyond reality. The shear size of our world, our existence, cannot be seen when we stumble around in the darkness, but when God puts His holy light in us, gives us the power to see in the darkness, we see more than we can imagine. Often times, this new sight allows us to see things we wish not to see— suffering, pain, sorrow, and anguish— that we don’t understand or know not how to fix, but it also allows us to see so much that we could have never imagined before— the perfection of creation, the joys of life, the victory in death of believers.

We are born in darkness, unable to see very far, unable to know very much. But in Christ our vision explodes as we start to see beyond and beyond the beyond.