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Top 5 Links of the Week

Top 5

Been a slow week as I’ve been preparing a couple projects on the side and doing a lot of reading outside of the realm of this blog at this point.

1. How Apple Makes the Watch

This article is amazing. I honestly have never looked into manufacturing until this week. But this article makes me more stunned by Apple’s whole process than ever before.

2. The Apple Watch Is Time, Saved

Anything that can move us away from the culture of smartphones on the table would be great. From early reports of Apple Watch users, they are seldom pulling their phone from their pockets.

3. Real Men Lead, Not Hide

This is how you respond to religious atheists threatening you with lawsuits.

4. HiRise for Apple Watch

Easily the must-have Apple Watch accessory.

5. on 3D Printing Humans and Morality

Don’t you love when people speak on topics they don’t understand? Rapper says that all religion will need to change because we will soon be printing entire human beings.