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Swiss Smartwatches Could Break Swiss Watch Industry

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This isn’t the Quartz Crisis. This isn’t iPhone circa 2007. Apple isn’t Seiko, TAG Heuer isn’t Nokia, and Montblanc isn’t RIM. The worst thing any of these luxury watchmakers can do is to try to take on Apple in the mobile computing industry. It’s a waste of money.


It’s weird seeing these watchmakers scramble to challenge the Apple Watch. Apple is targetting the everyday customer. Yes, the Apple Watch is a piece of jewelry and unnecessary. But the iPod was unnecessary as well.

This isn’t your $20 Walmart watch or your $150 Fossil watch. But it also isn’t in the same class as the $10,000 TAG Heuer watch. Those in the market for TAG Heuer will likely get an Apple Watch too. They won’t be losing their market. So they shouldn’t be trying to chase something that lessens their brand.