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Invisible Design and Apple’s Watch Faces

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Yet what Dye seems most fascinated by is one of the Apple Watch’s faces, called Motion, which you can set to show a flower blooming. Each time you raise your wrist, you’ll see a different color, a different flower. This is not CGI. It’s photography.

“We shot all this stuff,” Dye says, “the butterflies and the jellyfish and the flowers for the motion face, it’s all in-camera. And so the flowers were shot blooming over time. I think the longest one took us 285 hours, and over 24,000 shots.”

Such a great article from Wired on the watch faces from the upcoming Apple Watch. I know for my wife, the butterfly face will be her go to. Or maybe the Mickey Mouse. She wants a Tinkerbell one, but I’d be willing to bet that developers will be able to design watch faces and complications soon.

Quite a few good articles on the Apple Watch published today as the presale starts tomorrow at midnight (PST).