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Pray for Charleston

When the victims have been buried, when the murderer has been tried and justice has been served, we will still be praying. We will pray for the survivors. We will pray for the families. We will pray for the community. We will pray for racial peace and harmony. We will pray because that’s what we were doing. We will pray because we will not be silenced until we take our dying breath. And we will pray that we’ll be faithful to the end just like the nine of Mother Emanuel.

The Gospel Coalition

It didn’t take long for those that turn everything into a political issue to come out of the woodworks, even after a shooting at a prominent, historical church in the South. Whether it be about race, guns, or some other agenda, the talking heads are jabbering.

As Christians, though, we know all to be wicked, all to be depraved without Christ. While the young man that killed 9 people last night might have had a specific reason for doing what he did, it is sin at the heart of the matter and our need of a savior that needs to be remembered. Depravity knows no bounds.

For the members of this church and the community, the friends and family, we need to pray that the faith of those that have passed will not end there. No, they are in their eternal home, at peace today. No more tears and no more sorrow. But their family will mourn, and rightfully so. Pray that these men and women and their faith will carry on.

Rev. Clementa Pinckney
Rev. Sharonda Singleton
Myra Thompson
Tywanza Sanders
Ethel Lee Lance
Cynthia Hurd
Rev. Daniel L. Simmons Sr.
Rev. DePayne Middleton-Doctor
Susie Jackson

These 9, 3 men and 6 women, need to be remembered. Pray for Charleston. Pray that the hearts of Man are turned from wickedness to the light.