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CNN Calls CDC Chicken

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CNN calls CDC chicken for not addressing "gun violence", missing that they very much do address it. But of gun-related deaths, homicides make up ~33% and suicides make up ~63%. So ~96% of gun-related deaths are intentional. Sorry, but you aren't going to stop someone intent on killing someone else or themselves. Of the other ~4% of gun-related deaths, ~1.5% are accidental discharge and ~1% lacked a proven intent.

The number of accidental gun deaths has been on the decline for a century and now represents less than 1% of unintentional deaths.

So why is the CDC so chicken to talk about gun violence? Because outside of intentional gun deaths and injuries, there isn't much to talk about. But even with all gun-related deaths totaled, it is only ~6% of the number of deaths caused by tobacco, according to CDC studies released in April of 2015. So the CDC has other priorities, CNN. Namely, those responsible for more deaths in America. Because while 99.99999% of Americans know that putting a gun in their mouth can lead to death, apparently many still don’t care about tobacco doing the same.