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A few words on Donald Trump.

Tonight, I am no longer a Republican.

During my early twenties I struggled in many ways. I left Catholism because I read my Bible and discovered too much that didn't line up with Catholic teaching. I found my way into Calvinism, and now laughingly call that my "cage-stage Calvinism" period. I pulled away from politics, not because of my own feelings or opinions but because politics left a bad taste in my mouth. In high school I debated to win, but— despite being a cage-stage Calvinist— politics felt like there was no point aside from winning. So I dove headstrong into theology. Debating theology had a point. Jesus. Politics didn't.

And then I got married at 25. Marriage started to change my views on politics and religion. Instead of aligning closer to Libertarianism, I started to align closer to Conservatism. The importance of our society's future started to matter to me. At 27, I found out that I was going to be a father and my political views on marriage, adoption, abortion, and much more started to solidify and I stood up as a Republican, the closest political party I could identify with. Fiscal conservative and social conservative. That was the Republican party.

Even then I realized that most Republicans weren't fully conservative, but instead more center-right. The Tea Party was trying to revive the Constitutional stance that the Conservative movement was founded on. Maybe I was closer to them.

And then last year as every Republican threw their hats into the arena as candidates for POTUS, I got to take my pick. There were a few good ones, but only one was strong enough: Ted Cruz. I have stood by Cruz since the early days of this election cycle. Even today, I stand by Cruz.

But apparently the Republican Party wants something different. They want the worst stereotype of American conservatism. White nationalist, xenophobic, nearly Fascist Donald Trump. A man that has been a Democrat until 2 years ago. A man that has been everything the definition of "establishment" entails. A man that has a well documented relationship with the Clintons and has publically backed many Democrat congressmen and congresswomen and many Democrat presidents. A man that cannot articulate a view on abortion and thinks that women should serve time for having one. A man that considers himself the best information on foreign policy. This dolt, this jackass, this absolute bumbling fool that cannot tell an ass from an elephant or a men's room from a women's room is what the Republican Party wants for their next President.

So you can have him. I won't be voting for him. My family won't be voting for him.

Tonight, I am no longer a Republican.