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The Rise of the Anti-Culture

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Look at what happened in Indiana or at what is being pressed in North Carolina. The will of the Boss aspires to carry more weight than the will of the people.

First Things

A thought-provoking article about the place of Christianity in a moral revolution and culture war. The will of the people in the state of North Carolina was clear and democracy worked. Now the President of the United States has threatened the governor of North Carolina and given him a deadline to overturn the will of the people for the will of one man: President Barack Obama.

Let’s face it: We now live in a world where refusing a man the right to expose himself in a woman’s toilet is enough to risk your city losing the right to host a football game. Even to suggest there might be a debate to be had about such a thing is enough to render one liable to accusations of irrational hatred and dismissal as a benighted bigot.