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Editor's Note: Since this post was made on Thursday, Jason claimed that I called him a pedophile in the words that follow. I will not edit these words, but clarify: When I say "don't get me started about a third-party individual thinking about my children, all under 6 at the time, sexually," I am not saying that he is a pedophile. I am saying he is thinking about my children sexually. Wanting to educate a 6 year old on gender and sex that is not your child is not appropriate. Focusing on it and making it a requirement for our relationship to continue is beyond creepy.

Jason claims that saying this will bring death threats against him. I say that he needs to stop thinking about my children sexually. Jason says that I am saying this because he is claiming to be transgendered. I say that he needs to stop thinking about my children sexually. This has nothing to do with his current worldview, group allegiance, religion, gender, or anything else: if you are insisting on being involved in teaching my 6 year old about sex: get the fuck away from me and my children.

Back to the original, unedited blog post.

Let me make abundantly clear that I only am posting this because Jason has spent years slandering my name, my wife's name, and my family's names publicly in Facebook posts. I would prefer to keep this between the two of us and find a resolution, but he would prefer to make a scene that is damaging reputations, spreading lies, and causing much lost sleep.

Mom, Do you know what it's like to have your parents tell you who you are as a person shouldn't be spoken about to your...

Posted by Sassafras Finley on Tuesday, March 22, 2022

One key lie here. My brother posted earlier this week that I, his terrible bigoted brother, won't allow him around my children because of "who he is" unless he "hide[s himself] from them" and that I am "protect[ing his] niece and nephews from [his] unconditional love". Part of that is true. I will not allow him around my children. Period. The "why" is not.

The reason he gives is the same he tried to spin in the text messages last year that led to any and all contact being restricted last March. I of course corrected him multiple times, but now he is telling the world that this is why and that my parents are protecting my right and my decision to keep him away from my children for that reason.

The actual reason is rather simple.

  1. Jason called me and my wife "assholes" in front of the whole family, including my children. He has called me even worse— including a "fucking moron" for believing the Bible— in front of my children, though that was the first time he insulted my wife. This is unacceptable behavior. You want to insult me, do it privately. You go after me in front of my children, don't be surprised if you find yourself not seeing my children.

  2. Jason claims that I have no authority over my children, wants to see laws passed that make it illegal to teach Christian principles and morals to children in Christian schools, and wants to be in charge of teaching my children about "gender and sexuality". I can waiver a bit on the political matters, but the follow-through of insisting that he gets to teach them about gender theory and the LGBTQ worldview and ideology with or without my permission is an absolute no. His saying that I have NO authority over my children and that parental authority is not a real thing made it clear that he wouldn't respect my right to decide what my children learn and when they learn it. But that goes further because…

  3. Jason told me that if my children came out to him— a conversation he decided was necessary to have and was unprompted by me; don't get me started about a third-party individual thinking about my children, all under 6 at the time, sexually— that he would introduce them to resources, groups, and experts that would "work to find the right path for them." You may agree with his philosophy around sex and gender, but he then said that he would keep this all secret from me and my wife because he was concerned about what we would do with the information.

  4. He then said that when my children turned 18 he would reveal to them all the terrible things I had done to him— which as far as I am aware is just preventing him from seeing my children— and turn them against me.

I have text message records of the majority of the above.

I have a line.

I might have my thoughts about what you do with your life. Most of the time, it isn't of my concern. But the moment you step towards my children and say that they can tell you secrets, that you will keep them from my wife and me, that you will introduce them to other people without my permission, and that I have no authority over them: YOU ARE OUT. Not because you now claim to be a member of the LGBT community, but because YOU HAVE THREATENED MY CHILDREN AND MY FAMILY. You don't get to decide what they learn, you don't get to decide that you know better than I do, you don't get to hold secrets for them, and you sure as HELL don't get to take them where you please and introduce them to folks to help them find the "right path for them".

This is not an unreasonable decision.

It is the more reasonable one that I can make.

When a scorpion saunters up to your children and asks for a ride across the creek, letting them give it a ride would be the unreasonable decision. When that scorpion makes clear upfront his full intentions to strike and kill your children, you'd have to be, in his beautifully descriptive words for me, a "fucking moron".