I Am Finley


Refusing to Relate


Instead of learning a single lesson from Donald Trump’s upset victory in November, the American left has strapped on vagina hats and marched in the street, calling Trump supporters Nazis and ridiculing people of faith. The media has been positively enamored with it all and continues to refuse even to learn how to relate to the people who voted for Trump.

The Resurgence

I have a friend on Facebook. He, his friends, and I had an interesting exchange last week. He claimed to not understand how people could vote for Trump. I explained it and he still didn’t understand it. They could have voted third-party— like I did— he claimed. He could not see voting Trump, in any case, better than voting not Trump.

You have to live for the next four years with those that voted for Trump. Just like they have to live with you. Calling your opponents Nazis and insulting their religion is not how you heal America. It’s not how you end divisiveness. How about, instead of stonewalling half of America and saying you cannot understand them while you have your fingers in your ears, you shut up and try.


Is the United States Compassionate?


During Tom Price’s confirmation hearing on Wednesday, Bernie Sanders rebuked his claim that we are a compassionate society.

“No, we are not a compassionate society,” Sanders said. “In terms of our relationship with poor and working people, our record is worse than virtually any other country on earth.”

The Resurgent

This has been repeated over and over in the last decade. Rand Paul’s response to Sanders was a thing of beauty.

“One of the things that’s extraordinary about our country is just two years ago, in 2014, we gave away $400 billion — privately, not the government, individually — to churches and to charities,” Paul said. “We’re an incredibly compassionate society. This was misplaced in sort of the wonky numbers of this number and that number within health care how much we do help each other.”

“Not only do we help each other within our own county, I’d bet you most — half the physicians in my community in Bowling Green have gone on international trips and done international charity work and all that is lost in saying that we’re this heartless, terrible country, and I would just argue the opposite,” Paul continued. “I think the greatness of our country and the greatness in the compassion of our country — we give away more than the gross domestic product of most of these socialized countries around the world.”

There is a huge difference in what Sanders and Paul/Price are saying. Rand Paul’s expectation is that the government is small and that it taxes the people reasonably little. The people then, not the government, can choose to do with their money how they desire. Sanders, on the other hand, expects the government to provide services to the people, and to do so requires large amounts of taxes and government structure.

When Sanders, on Wednesday, makes the claim that we lack compassion for the working people and the poor, he is saying that the government doesn’t do enough for these individuals. When Paul and Price say that we are compassionate, they point to all the individuals and private institutions do and give to society.

If it is your expectation that the government should provide for the people, you would be right to think we don’t care. But then look at the $400 billion given to church's and charities that goes to help the people you think the government isn’t doing enough for. Maybe, instead of demanding that the government take more money from your fellow citizens, give your own money to these causes and make a difference.


Dylann Roof Sentenced to Death


A jury has sentenced to death the man who murdered nine people in a Charleston church basement in 2015.

The twelve jurors deliberated for about three hours before sentencing Dylann Roof, 22, to die. To impose the death penalty, they had to reach a unanimous decision.


It is fundamentally understood among Man that those that shed the blood of men deserve death themselves. No matter liberal, progressive, or conservative, we all recognize that Dylann Roof deserves death for his murderous rampage. It will not bring the men and women that he killed back, but it will bring justice for the families left behind.


Liberals Condescending


The looming Trump presidency is their legacy, launched largely via backlash against their pseudo-religion of political correctness. Not to mention all their dumb colleagues that have wreaked havoc in our inner cities, presided over the systemic collapse of the nuclear family, and turned our schools into self-esteem parlors for the criminally mind-numbed.

For when you mistake, misconstrue, or malign your so-called countrymen with condescending labels of “ill-equipped” and “systematic racism,” simply because of the color of their skin, the only system that needs changing is yours.

Along with your diaper.

Conservative Review

I’ve continued to see my liberal Facebook friends call all those in flyover country racist, bigoted, misogynists. Maybe it didn’t sting as much when I lived within an hour of Chicago. While still a conservative, maybe they weren’t talking about me. But the condescending elite has even forced me to get behind much of Trump’s rhetoric. I’m sick of it.

When we, erroneously, stereotype the urbanites, we get reamed by the mainstream media, but shouting racist, bigot, and worse today is praised and honored.

A bully is a bully. No matter if it’s President-elect Trump or Derrick Rollins Jr.


Disagreement Is Not the Same Thing as Hate


There are too many good quotes in Chip Gaines’s response to the totalitolerance of BuzzFeed. I’ll just give you a few.

Joanna and I have personal convictions. One of them is this: we care about you for the simple fact that you are a person, our neighbor on planet earth. […] We are not about to get in the nasty business of throwing stones at each other, don’t ask us to cause we won’t play that way.

Are you in the business of throwing stones? Personally, I’m not. I want to share the redemptive power of the Gospel, not condemn people for their sins.

I think we are all here for a reason. […] Jo and I feel called to be bridge builders. We want to help initiate conversations between people that don’t think alike. Listen to me, we do not all have to agree with each other. Disagreement is not the same thing as hate, don’t believe that lie.

Disagreement is not the same thing as hate. One of the most revolutionary statements today. We can agree to disagree. I can think that you are wrong. That doesn’t have to involve any hate from either side. We can respectfully disagree. Right?

If I misjudge people and am wrong, I want to be wrong having assumed the best about them. The bottom line is, I would rather be loving than be right.

This line here, Chip Gaines’s bottom line, is where I’ll leave this. I would rather be loving than be right. I don’t get into arguments to win them. I used to. It damaged many things in my life. I get into arguments to win souls to Jesus. I would rather lose an argument than lose a soul. Let’s readjust our point-of-views this year and fight for Jesus.


Keep Resisting


Keep Resisting

Sometimes it’s the little things. As Christianity becomes the counterculture, these little things become big things. Keep resisting.


The World Will Hate You


Haven’t heard it put this way. I will need to internalize it and to use this.

Why are we hated? Why is it that we should be not surprised when the world turns against us?

Because Cain hated Abel. Just one verse earlier John has spoken of these two brothers and asked why one murdered the other. Cain murdered Abel “because his own deeds were evil and his brother’s righteous.” Abel’s goodness exposed Cain’s badness. Abel’s righteousness convicted Cain of his unrighteousness. Abel’s love for God silently declared Cain’s disregard. Cain responded with the ultimate manifestation of hatred—he murdered his own brother.

Tim Challies


Baby, It’s Cold Outside


Making something about nothing, the social justice warriors are again blowing their rape whistles on a classic, Christmastime song. Not understand the context and meaning of the song, and always fearing a good-hearted gentleman wanting to rape them, they have created a new version of Baby, It’s Cold Outside that has more consent and less wooing and flirting.

It was written in an era when seduction was not synonymous with sexual assault, you didn’t need to sign a consent form to hold a girl’s hand, and men weren’t assumed to be vicious predators.

Daily Caller

Maybe you should understand the meaning of the song before you attack. This great article from Daily Caller may help you respond to your friends that are all sharing this video right now. Don’t let them kill romance at Christmas.


Hate Speech Doesn’t Exist


Who get to decide what is hate speech?
How much of “hate speech” is protected under the 1st amendment?
What limitations should there be?
Who are the arbiters?
Where does the idea of “hate speech” and political correctness come from?

Some things are super important. The Founding Fathers saw freedom of speech was so important that it was in the 1st amendment. And more over, they sought to protect the speech of those they didn’t agree with.


Stop Bigotry


Yesterday, Kate Aurthur at BuzzFeed maliciously targeted Chip and Joanna Gaines because they are Bible believing Christians. Aurthur’s article at BuzzFeed attempted to harm them and their television success because the church they attend supports real marriage, which BuzzFeed’s editorial policy decries as bigotry.

The Resurgent

The bigotry against Christians has been discussed many times on this site, from Memories Pizza to Indiana’s Religious Freedom law. When business owners have to choose between their religious foundation or their financial well-being, the government needs to fix this.

Over the past several years, the gay mafia has specifically targeted Christian small businesses for harassment. Christian florists, bakers, photographers, t-shirt printers, pizza restauranteurs etc. have seen gay activists come into their businesses, made demands they gay activists knew would put these Christians in conflict with their religious beliefs, then turned to various state governments to punish those Christians who refused to violate their faith.

So what can we do? We have a representative government, so we can contact our congressment and demand that they represent us as much as they represent the 2-4% of the population that identifies as LGBT community. You can use this form to make it ridiculously easy to do so, and please do.