I Am Finley


I’m Sorry Dribbble


What I witnessed on a Dribbble shot the other day was more than disturbing as two men, David Kovalev and Eric Hoffman, voiced a concern about the nudity and sexuality of the shot being inappropriate for this site: they were torn apart by rabid wolves, insulted and mocked and the bullying continued onto Twitter. I myself got roped in when I expressed my solidarity with them and had to fend off a troll that ended his attack by sending me multiple nude images on Twitter.

This community once was a place to talk and receive feedback from amazing designers and peers unlike anything that came before. While DeviantArt was chock full of immature teenagers and young college students, Dribbble was largely full of professionals.

Now, it has clearly devolved into a cesspool where those that are loudest and rudest get the most amount of credit, and those that dissent are mocked and trolled to the applause of everyone else.

This isn't a community I want to be a part of, a community I want to support. Something has to change or I will likely not be renewing my Pro membership next year.

I posted this on Dribbble the other day after two men and myself were bullied on a thread of a nude shot— that another player posted— and followed onto Twitter for more ridicule for suggesting that this was not the place for these kind of images. Today I received the following from the Dribbble team:

Not only have they removed my shot and reprimanded me for “preaching” and “stirring up controversy”, they have threatened to suspend my account if I break their rules again. Rules that also disallow porn, nudity, or sex in shots on their site. But the original shot that we voiced a concern about remains. Along with the comments featured in my shot.

This is 2015, when people that complain about nudity on a site meant to be work friendly are threatened with suspension and bullied by the community for speaking up. Because #tolerance.