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The best Gmail app for the iPhone is now made by Microsoft


Hell, let's be honest, if you're relying on Google's own email apps on the iPhone, your experience is doubleplusungood. But there are plenty of alternatives in Apple's App Store, and it just so happens that the best among them now bears the name of Microsoft Outlook.

The best Gmail app for the iPhone is now made by Microsoft

Never thought this would happen, did you? Gmail’s iPhone app has always sucked. When they bought out, and shut down, Sparrow years ago, we had a glimmer of hope that it would launch as a new Gmail app that was amazing. But it did. And here Microsoft buys out Acompli and does just that, rebrand and relaunch.

For me, personally, I love Mailbox for email, both on the go and at the desk. But for the pro emailer that lives by email, much more than inbox management is necessary. And it looks like Acompli had it. And now Microsoft does. And what’s more, the new Outlook supports Gmail, Dropbox, and more than just Microsoft services.

One could hope that this would convince Google to make the next move, but Google seems to ignore these kinds of things.