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Huge Update for Chrome for iOS


In an update released today, Google has added a widget and new gestures to Chrome for iOS, making it easy to open links from other apps and manage tabs on the iPhone.


I’m a Chrome guy. Mac + iOS. I’ve found it to suit my needs a lot more. In apps that I build, I include Chrome support because of the custom back button functionality.

Well, today they have added one of my biggest wish list items: 1Password support. But that’s not all! Their new Today widget allows you to quickly open copied links in Chrome. No more tapping a link in Messages and it opening Safari. Copy the link, swipe down, and open Chrome. Beautiful.


Google is about to label your site “slow”


“Slow” is a powerfully repellant word. People hate to wait. We’ll visit a site less often if it’s slower than a competitor by just 250 milliseconds. This behaviour is hardwired, and it’s unlikely to change. And as one survey from Tealeaf/Harris Interactive shows, when pages are slow, especially on mobile, we don’t react well.

Web Performance Today

Looks like Google is starting to label sites as “slow” in search results, just like they have been labeling “mobile-friendly” sites when searching from a mobile device for a while now. Web developers, like app developers, should focus on performance. Form follows function. A pretty site that is slow is no longer pretty to the user.