I Am Finley


The Election Doesn’t Matter


The election doesn’t matter. I mean, it does in the short term. Very short. What matters is not who you vote for, though that does matter, but who is your Lord. You want change? You see hate rising? You see depression, racism, poverty, and worse?

Yeah, Man is capable of great evil.

All men.

Every single one.

Not just Democrats. Republicans too. And independents.

Christ is the answer.

Not the next politician with their oft empty promises. Not the seminars on anti-racism. Not the lectures on tolerance. Not the new racist business label on Yelp.

Christ is the answer.

On the other side of Biden winning the election is evil people in power. On the other side of Trump winning the election is evil people in power. Socialism? Evil people. Tolerance training? Evil people.

We cannot solve things without solving the true issue.

The human heart. Every one of us is a sinner. No one is good. And no matter what we do, we cannot be good. We just can’t. We can’t help but be a sinner. To be evil. To do bad things.

But Christ.

You need Christ to redeem you and His Spirit to burn out all that wretchedness from inside you. Christians aren’t perfect, but they are being perfected and have submitted to the God of the Universe to get better, to be made better.

And that is all that can make this world better. The only thing.

So the election doesn’t matter. Who you vote for doesn’t matter. The thing that matters is that you take a knee. Ask for forgiveness. For redemption. Salvation. Ask the Maker of your soul to do what He has promised to do. To scoop you up, clean you off, and welcome you into the Kingdom of God.


Apologetics Should Always Lead Back to the Gospel


It is no secret to those close to me that I love apologetics and see the lack of apologetics teaching in the American church as a major weakness today. But apologetics without the Gospel is just arguing. We aren’t in it to win fights, but to win souls.


The Rubber Sword of Toothless Truth


The true Gospel and true Sword of the Word are inherently confrontational and corrective.

And if there’s anything that this world and the modern American mindset hates, it is… confrontation and correction.

The plastic, world-friendly, harmless counterfeit sword is marked not by it’s ability to properly confront and correct, but by its aversion to the same.

The Rubber Sword of Toothless Truth, Stand Up For The Truth

I have long said that the biggest problem in the American church is a lack of apologetics teaching, largely stemming from the seeker-friendly movement that touched much of evangelism. The last church I belonged to fell into this badly, where they didn’t want to offend or confront false teachers within the body, even if the false teachers were leaders of small groups.