I Am Finley


Cleaning Up



That’s how many apps I had this morning as I flipped through the homescreens on my phone this morning. Half of them have been deleted or relocated to my iPad now. Games I played a few times, social apps I tried for a day, lots of photography apps, crappy keyboards, and stuff that had been filed away into folders to never be touched in months.


That’s a lot better now. Not great, but a lot better. I could get rid of 10 more if I remove those I use once a month. Another 17 if I remove those used less than that. But for now, 75 is better.




I’m surprised at how fast I’m losing my tolerance to sugar. Not so much that I’m getting buzzed off it now, but I can tell that I’m getting dehydrated from a few sips of Mountain Dew. I used to not notice that until I threw back at least 3-4 cans. It’s good, I guess, but surprising.

For those not in the know: I have lost 20 pounds in the last 2 months (since the start of the year). Most of this is from controlling portion sizes, cutting down from 3-4 cans of pop a day to 2-3 a week, and consuming a ton of water.