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Government-Issued Photo ID Required


Apple Watch reservations for in-store pickup will be limited to one per customer through Apple's Reserve and Pickup service, MacRumors has learned. Customers in the United States and other launch countries will be required to present a valid government-issued photo ID upon pickup at the Apple Store where they placed their Apple Watch reservation, and only the person named on the reservation will be allowed to pick up the product.


Wait. Did you think I was talking about voting? No! A photo ID shouldn’t be required for something silly like that. Don’t want to discriminate. But one will be required to buy your Apple Watch. Make sure you have one!


You’d Never Guess How Loud This Dog Is


Thompson's complaint suggests Cawper is capable of barking at 128 decibels through double pane windows. According to Purdue University research, that would mean Cawper is louder than a chainsaw, a clap of thunder and just a hair quieter than the takeoff of a military jet.

Komo News

$500,000 lawsuit for a dog whose “barking caused ‘profound emotional distress.’” Because America.