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Top 5 Links of the Week


Been a slow week as I’ve been preparing a couple projects on the side and doing a lot of reading outside of the realm of this blog at this point.

1. How Apple Makes the Watch

This article is amazing. I honestly have never looked into manufacturing until this week. But this article makes me more stunned by Apple’s whole process than ever before.

2. The Apple Watch Is Time, Saved

Anything that can move us away from the culture of smartphones on the table would be great. From early reports of Apple Watch users, they are seldom pulling their phone from their pockets.

3. Real Men Lead, Not Hide

This is how you respond to religious atheists threatening you with lawsuits.

4. HiRise for Apple Watch

Easily the must-have Apple Watch accessory.

5. Will.i.am on 3D Printing Humans and Morality

Don’t you love when people speak on topics they don’t understand? Rapper Will.i.am says that all religion will need to change because we will soon be printing entire human beings.


Top 5 Links of the (Last) Week


Sorry readers, the end of last week didn’t go as planned and the weekend was crazy because of it. So instead of my Top 5 going up Saturday afternoon, like normal, it is going up now. My apologies.

1. Why so many Christians won’t backdown on gay marriage

A very well-worded article on the history of sexuality and Christianity and why it is to this day one of the most rigidly held elements of our faith.

2. Facebook Obsession

Is Facebook stifling your prayer life?

3. Spider-Man Moves to the Country

Hilarious short animation that answers something I’ve speculated for quite some time.

4. How to Be a Man with Art of Manliness

I’ve fallen in love with the Art of Manliness. If you’re a man and don’t know about the site, watch this interview and then follow their blog!

5. Apple Mustn’t Know the Midwest

With Apple’s new patent, I might never make it home to see the family.


Top 5 Links of the Week


This week was a much slower week for news and blogging than last week. The reason for that has been that I’ve been on vacation in southern Illinois, where I grew up, with my wife and daughter. We left Chicago area on Wednesday morning and are heading back on Sunday.

Even with time off, I have been writing. On Monday I published my article on Net Neutrality and Friday I published my article on ISIS, War, Prophecy, and Ignorance. I had intended to write a review on the new Red album, but that went by the wayside for family time. The album is great and a review is coming early next week.

And as is the tradition, here are my top 5 links of the week.

1. Have Your Kids Eat Peanuts

Great to see this article trend this week. Feeding your infants peanuts makes them far less likely to develop peanut allergies.

2. Watch Design the Pebble Time Is Not

On Tuesday the new Pebble smart watch was announced via Kickstarter. Thus far they’ve made $11 million. But the design is, in my opinion, atrocious. It is functional, but nothing like the Apple Watch when it comes to design.

3. The New Tapbots.com

One of my favorite development shops launches a new website and promises to be more transparent and consistent in releases.

4. March 9th — Spring Forward with Apple’s Latest Event

Here comes the Apple Watch!

5. Live Long and Prosper

Everyone’s favorite Vulcan, Leonard Nimoy, has passed away.


Top 5 Links of the Week


This week was a good week for Finley.im. Not only did the site cross into the 80+ post realm, but a lot of this week was featured articles. Of the prior weeks I’ve posted 1 or 2 featured article along with 15-20 links. This week, 6 featured articles, including my first game review, first album review, first tutorial, and an article on Writer’s Block. Let’s say that I’ve started to write my way out of writer’s block.

1. Stu explains why net neutrality won’t make the Internet better

I will be publishing my take on net neutrality next week, but Stu makes some excellent points here on why it won’t make the Internet better.

2. Fashion in Technology

Been following Dustin for a while and this is a great piece looking at the auto industry, the computer industry, and where we’re going over the next few years.

3. New Yorker’s Interview with Jony Ive

So much awesomeness here. This article shook the Internet this week with how open it was about Apple and Jony Ive, as well as tidbits about his relationship with Steve Jobs.

4. A Letter to My Children About Fifty Shades of Grey

50 Shades of Grey is not about romance, but abuse. There is nothing sexual about beating a woman. It is purely psychological. As in, they need professional help, not a woman that will save them.

5. Tapbots Updates Calcbot of iOS!

I love Tapbots. Love. So them updating Calcbot has brought it back to my home screen, sharing space with Tweetbot of course.

So that’s the week. Next week I’ll be publishing articles on ISIS and Net Neutrality as well as a full review of Red’s new album that will be out on Tuesday. Thanks for reading!


5 Top Links of the Week


Ending Finley.im’s third week since relaunch, the site has almost crossed 70 posts. Feature articles on music Red — of, Beauty and Rage, and culture, A Case of New Tolerance and Ignorance, were published this week and next week I’ll be posting my first game review. By and large, the posts on Finley.im are links, though. Once a week I’ll do a link roundup called 5 Top Links of the Week. So here are your Top Links!

1. Alto’s Adventure

Absolutely stunning game coming from Snowman. Beautiful landscapes and lighting, simple yet addictive gameplay. Full review coming later this week!

2. Rejecting the Industrialized Sex of “50 Shades of Grey”

Amazing points on how radically sex has been changed since the sexual revolution and how Christians can recover sex.

3. Spider-Man Comes to Marvel’s Cinematic Universe!

Some of the best news comic book fans have gotten in a while. Spider-Man will be swinging into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, hanging with Iron Man and Captain America in Civil War!

4. Mind-Blowing Web Engineering from Flipboard

It’s crazy what the engineers at Flipboard did to achieve 60 fps on mobile. Unfortunately it shows how poor HTML and CSS are for these kind of apps.

5. Apple World Today

The death of TUAW hurt. But the writers from TUAW started a new site called Apple World Today.


Top 5 Links of the Week


1. Police Officer Delivers Pizza

In an age where Comcast changes the names of customers to Super Bitch and Asshole, a police officer that goes the extra mile to deliver a pizza is amazing.

2. The Big Lie: 5.6% Unemployment

Do you know how the government calculates unemployment? Read this for more information and see why real unemployment is over 10%.

3. Armenia and Down Syndrome

Baby is born with Down Syndrome. What Mom does next will stun you. What Dad does is amazing. Is that how you write link bait?

4. Roadie — Automatic Guitar Tuner for iPhone

I want this. So bad. Use your iPhone to automatically tune your guitar.

5. 50 Shades of Prey

Do you know what the book 50 Shades of Grey is about? Don’t ignore the effect on society of this overly popular book.


Top 5 Links of the Week


As you can see one week in, I will be sharing quite a few links here. These are my favorites for the week.

1. Budweiser’s “Lost Dog” Superbowl Commercial Will Make You Cry

Super Bowl is coming this weekend and that means ad time. Budweiser does a great job at playing the heartstrings with puppies and Clydesdales.

2. New Trend? Let Your Kids Play Alone, Get Arrested. by GeekDad

I love when you see a blog that leans left post something that leans very far right. GeekDad went full tirade against helicopter parenting, the current trend in communities to report the parents of kids playing alone to the authorities, and the authorities to take legal action against those parents. The horror!

3. Design Studios Are Not Going Away by Ben Cline

We lost the great design studio Teehan + Lax, whiched caused a lot of talk in the community that design studios were becoming a thing of the past. Ben Cline comes in the set us straight.

4. Go Daddy Ad Shows that We Care Too Much About the Wrong Things by I.N.F.O. for Families

Normally the uproar about Go Daddy at Super Bowl is the amazing objectifying of women they are capable of. This year? Puppies and demands that they retract their multi-million dollar ad and apologize. And they did just that. I.N.F.O for Families checks our priorities.

5. Don’t Stress About Smartwatch Battery Life by Kit Eaton

Great history on the watch and batteries. Did you know the first pocket watch didn’t have a second hand? Or that they were so bad at keeping time that they’d be off my hours? Great read!

Well, all, have a very Super Bowl and I’ll see you back here on Monday!