I Am Finley


Tyranny and Presidential Edicts


From Courtney Kirchoff of Louder with Crowder:

To use Obama’s oft used phrase, “Let me be clear” this is tyrannical. We have the executive telling STATE schools to allow transgender people to use whatever bathroom they deem appropriate for how they’re feeling that day. And not JUST bathrooms, but locker rooms, where boys and girls strip down and get naked. Your president, ladies and gentleman, has just issued a war on women.

Yes, I said it. The left, in an attempt to be all “inclusive” has just said women don’t matter. Our feelings of security and safety do not matter. Our privacy does not matter. Our gender, the left says, is merely a societal construct. This issue right here, transgenders in bathrooms, and transgenders being supported cart blanche, is ultimate proof modern feminism is a farce. It is a failure.

If you consider yourself a feminist and support this kind of lunacy, you no longer have my ear nor my sympathy.

If you are an American and do not see the tyranny of a President putting forth a "guideline" or edict with threat of removing federal funding from schools, you need to get educated on why this nation exists. Laws are created by the legislative branch, not the executive. Funding is controlled by the legislative branch, not the executive. The President is in breach of the Constitution and way out of line.


If They Disagree, Fine Them


If you don’t get on board and call them by whatever “gender” they wish to put on today, you should be fined. Because tolerance.