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We Need To Stop The Violence


As someone that follows hundreds of California progressives on Twitter and follows progressive news sources, I have been seeing for the last two weeks— since President-Elect Trump won the election— a tremendous amount of coverage for so-called hate crimes across our nation. The latest being that of Jordan Jackson in Louisiana, a young boy beat up by bullies telling him to go back to the cotton fields. These stories have been very disgusting and none of the conservative, Christian, or Trump-supporting friends of mine like seeing this and are very appalled at it. Every one of them would give their lives to protect a kid like Jordan. I was the guy in school that fought the bullies for kids like Jordan.

But here’s the thing. The Left is swinging this to be a problem on the Right:

This is real. Don’t look away. And next time you see that red election map, I want you to picture a gaping, bloody wound. America in 2016, bleeding out.

The Creole (emphasis added)

When, in fact, both sides are guilty of rioting, assaulting their opponents, and worse right now.

Four people have been charged after a man was punched and kicked as a crowd yelled, “Don’t vote Trump," a day after the presidential election, police said.


Wilcox said he was about to turn left from Kedzie Avenue to Roosevelt Road around 1 p.m. Nov. 9 when a black sedan pulled up and scraped the right side of his Pontiac Bonneville.

"I stopped and parked. And I asked if they had insurance, and the next thing that I knew they were beating the s--- out of me," Wilcox said.

Police said the four were identified as the people responsible for striking a man during a traffic altercation.

The man was then dragged as he held on to the window of the vehicle. He was taken to Mount Sinai Hospital and was treated and released, police said.

Chicago Tribune

Those that were involved, which videoed the incident in pride, were arrested and are going to trial. This is justice. And just like with these young men that assaulted a man in Chicago, I want justice for the young boy Jordan in Louisiana. That’s how this works, justice. I don’t know a single person that wouldn’t want this young boy’s attackers to face punishment for their crime.

So, let’s cool down and stop the violence, no matter which side it comes from. We all agree that this is ugly and wrong. We are united on that front.