iPhone 6 Plus: A Change in Mindset

My time for a phone upgrade came last fall and I went with the iPhone 6 Plus. As Android phones got bigger and bigger screens, I sat by and mocked with much of the Apple crowd. But I got an iPhone 6 Plus within months of it coming out.

Let’s get this straight, had I thought them a good idea, I still wouldn’t have purchased one. I’m an iPhone user through and through. But I mocked because I didn’t get the shift of view yet. Any time I saw one, I thought of them held up to someone’s ear, engulfing their whole face, and I laughed hard. I didn’t see it.

But once Apple had one, a huge phone, I took the time to think. The Phone is just an app on my mobile device. An app I seldom used, especially when compared to the other apps I used. What once was a cell phone that had apps now had largely become a mobile device that had a Phone app. Could that larger screen help my other apps become more useful? Very much so. Easier reading of my feeds, easier typing of notes and posts, easier surfing the web. A bigger screen is better for all of that.

I had seen my iPhone as a phone all this time and now I had shifted. Did I look ridiculous with my large phone up to my ear? Probably. Once every couple of days when I’d take a phone call. But all the rest of the time, I had a screen the size of my face that fit in my pocket. And after a few months, I still love it.

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