Value and Dignity for all Persons

“Honoring the victims and survivors begins with our renewed recognition of the value and dignity of each person.”

Barack Obama

And just like Adolf Hitler, we must be careful of our application of words like “person,” “value,” and “dignity.” If a mother-to-be chooses that she doesn’t want a child— or worse, that child might might have a debilitating issue like Down Syndrome—, the baby inside her is not a person, and she should face no bigotry for wanting to remove the clump of cells— which are of little value to her— from inside her body.

Words are dangerous and their meaning should be controlled so as to not confuse. If we allow these clumps of cells to be deemed people, America is guilty of atrocity outweighing that of Nazi Germany. Which we’re not. Because personhood is determined by persons other than the person that it is determined for. And they aren’t people.

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