50 Shades of Prey

But the […] thing is that people do not arrive at the moment of such an emotional/relational choice with a clean slate. There are many women who accept men into their lives who treat them like dirt (and sure, they technically choose it), but they got to this point because their entire outlook and view of themselves was shaped by fathers who treated them like dirt, or that neighbor boy, or that leering uncle, and they most certainly didn’t choose that. So do we seriously want to maintain that kicking a woman when she is down is not a problem provided she has previously been so battered and discouraged that she has stopped trying to get up? Of course not. And the fact that an abuse-prepping catechism like this one clearly appeals to millions of women is grand news for predatory (straight-toothed) men everywhere.

50 Shades of Prey, Douglas Wilson

Is this really what our enlightened society has come to? Misogynist is what we call people that that want to protect unborn babies by stopping abortion, but when protagonists of books that are abused “willingly” by men that like to hurt women, we have no problem.

What do you think encouraging young woman to play the victim will do to the psyche of those women? What do you think it tells all the sick men that like to hurt women?

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