Intolerance Against Their Own Kind

“If these cultural Marxists won’t even tolerate leaders in their own community like Reisner having a peaceful dialogue with the other side, then it’s not a movement but an inquisition.”

Dialogue. It used to be that we could reach across the aisle and talk with our opponents. Ask them questions. Seek to understand them. And now? Now anyone that disagrees with the Left needs to be silenced. No matter if they are the CEO of Mozilla or the owner of a mom & pop pizzaria. We have a problem.

“I’m not sure where their intolerance leads,” said Cruz campaign spokesman Rick Tyler. “Are they going to boycott TV networks and their advertisers that interview Ted Cruz? Book stores that sell his books? How about the hotels that host his events. Where does it end?”


What does Cruz support on the matter of marriage? That it should be decided on a state-by-state level. That is constitutional, after all. If the Constitution doesn’t specifically give the federal government power over something, that something is then in the power of the state governments. Cruz believes that the Supreme Court throwing out state laws that back DOMA is unconstitutional. It is. Because the federal government doesn’t have power over marriage.

So the Left is trying to shut Cruz up. And because the gay men that own this hotel that Cruz had a fireside chat at were willing to open dialogue with him, they need to be shut down, their business ruined.

Makes sense.

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