A Brief History of the Wristwatch

McCrossen’s not convinced that Apple and others will be able to restore the Age of the Wrist—in part because of the privacy and security that the pocket offers for treasured phones, and in part because “time is embedded everywhere” these days, from car dashboards to coffeemakers to iPhone screens.

“Maybe we’re so deeply saturated with the imperatives of clock time that we want to put it away,” she said. “Maybe we don’t want it on our wrist anymore. Maybe we don’t need it.”

Interesting point. To me, the reason I wear an analog watch (and will use analog watch faces when I get an Apple Watch) is because I like “fuzzy time”. The down-to-the-second digital time display on our electronic devices isn’t always necessary and we can lose the relative time. Seeing time on a round face, the relation of the minute hand to the face, changes how time is perceived to me.

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