Another Shooting in Another Gun-Free Zone

One thing we know even now, just hours after the tragic shooting took place, is that the gunman did not adhere to the Conduct Policy. He ignored the gun ban, he ignored the bans on violence, intimidation, and physically threatening behavior, and he ignored the rules against “unlawful conduct.”


The second thing I do, after praying for the victims of a shooting, is look to see one thing: was it in a gun-free zone. The shootings in Aurora, CO, Newtown, CT, Charleston, SC, and Chattanooga, TN were all in gun-free zones. Each of these states have concealed carry laws, but either allow businesses to declare their property gun-free or declare specific types of properties gun-free (usually churches, schools, etc.)

Aurora’s Century theatre declared themselves a gun-free. There were theatres nearby that were not. James Holmes chose the theatre that he could inflict the most amount of damage.

Connecticut declares schools to be gun-free, preventing teachers from defending their students with anything but their bodies.

South Carolina declares churches to be gun-free. Instead of going anywhere else in Charleston where there were plenty of blacks, Dylann Roof targetted a church where he could inflict the most amount of damage.

Chattanooga is yet another case of a military base where soldiers, the most trained in armed combat, were unarmed by law and unable to defend themselves.

And now Lafayette, LA. Another theatre that declares itself a gun-free zone.

This doesn’t stop the crazies from coming out and declaring:

Yeah, Jack Moore, it’s funny that law-abiding citizens see a sign as they enter a privately-owned property and decide to obey it, under penalty of the law, and leave their protection in the car, while the shooter walks right past that sign that clearly said no guns allowed and opened fire on people that were unable to protect themselves. Hilariously funny. Wait. No. That isn’t funny at all.

So what have we learned today? If you want to shoot a bunch of people before offing yourself, find a gun-free zone and take full advantage of those that cannot defend themselves.

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