My life for yours— even if you’ve killed your own child.

We in the pro-life movement have no enemies to destroy. Our weapons are chaste weapons of the spirit: truth and love. Our task is less to defeat our opponents than to win them to the cause of life. To be sure, we must oppose the culture and politics of death resolutely and with a determination to win. But there is no one—no one—whose heart is so hard that he or she cannot be won over. Let us not lose faith in the power of our weapons to transform even the most resolute abortion advocates.

Gospel Coalition

Great article about Bernard Nathanson, a leader of the original pro-choice movement that brought forth the legalization of abortion in the 1970’s and his subsequent convertion to Catholicism and fighting alongside the pro-life movement.

It’s fascinating that abortion was legalized before ultrasound technology gave us the inside look at the unborn life of babies. A year ago tomorrow a doctor, looking at our baby on the screen, told us to head to the hospital to be induced. For nine months, we had seen our li’l girl grow from a bean-sized baby to an almost nine pound baby.

It is no wonder to any of us that have had babies that the ultrasound changed the mind of Bernard. Without seeing something, it can be hard to understand it. Even to this day, abortion activists fight against any law that would require a woman to see their child on an ultrasound before an abortion. These activists know that it would change the mind of anyone that is not sociopathic.

For abortion says, “Your life for mine,” but Jesus says, “My life for yours—even if you’ve killed your own child.”

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