Wake Up! #DeathCulture

In a culture that glorifies death, does any life matter? We walk around trying to make sense of the senseless, find meaning in the meaningless, peace in a war zone. Born blind and deaf, only able to scream out in the empty darkness.

This isn’t how life was meant to be. You aren’t made to be living for the next nap, the next weekend, the next sexual encounter, or the next high. This is death. This is meaningless.

Wake up, oh sleeper, rise from the dead!

There is a life that welcomes all to pick up their cross and follow a King not of this world. Our leaders in this world might fail to meet our expectations, but this King set our expectations for something more because He wanted us to yearn for more.

Nothing here is good enough to fulfill that yearning. You’ve all felt it. That need for more. A different job, more money, a different girlfriend, the latest gadget. Maybe that will make me happy. I’m sorry to spoil it for you, but none of it will work.

Wake up.

This world is but a glimpse of the eternal, a taste of the divine. The best steak doesn’t compare to the eternal. Neither does the most amazing woman, the highest paying job, or even a secluded island with no worries. We long for the eternal.

Your King knocks. Do you hear Him? Will you get out of bed and invite Him in? Wake up.

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