I woke to this picture. A picture of a child. And this quote:

“A life is not saved just by letting it be born” let that sit in your conscious.

The clear inference being that this child should have been aborted before he or she ended up in the place he or she is in.

And I wept.

My brother and I were adopted when we were 5 days old. I don’t know much about our birth parents but we could have been this child. I could have been this child, told that I would be better dead than poor.


How calloused must you be to say that a child is better off dead? How cold must you be to say that this child is better off dead?

Why not just round them up now? All the orphans, all the foster kids that aren’t wanted, all the poor, all the disordered and all the disabled. Round them up, put them in a room, tell them they are going to get a shower. And then gas them.

What the fuck is the difference?

I am not better off dead. This child is not better off dead.

We are not pawns in your fucked up unholy war. No. We are human beings; living, breathing, feeling, created in the Image of God, dignity-deserving human beings.

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