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During a blizzard of suffering, I drew the blinds down in my heart. I pulled inward so I could survive. I eked out a small corner for myself and gave the bare minimum to the world. I didn’t know any other way forward. I met the needs of my family, I checked off the homekeeping list, and then I crawled back into the darkness. When I sat down for a check in with my psychiatrist, she said I had shut down—my eyes were distant and my voice monotone. I went into hibernation to finish the icy winds of our suffering.

Lara D’Entremont, Surviving the Winter of Suffering

I redesigned and rebuilt my site. Been wanting to do this for years. Then again, I haven’t really been writing for years. I’ve noted before that cynicism affects my ability to write. The last few years have sucked. But I’ve been trying to open the blinds. And some of that comes as writing more.

Over the last three years, I have dove further into music— especially the mandolin—, woodworking, and luthiery. I’ve built a couple ukuleles, a mandola, a mandolin, a beastly guitar, and even a harp. We bought a house. I built a table. And had another baby. I built a playground.

And the blessings have continued unabated. Yeah, I’ve been in a valley, but God’s been providing for us. Promotions, raises, the house, and a church that loves and supports us daily.

I recognize the work of God. And I need to get outta my funk.

So I rebuilt my site. I’ll likely be doing some write-ups on the tech and stuff sooner or later. But in the short, it’s powered by Astro and you should really check that out.

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