No posts on Sunday. First day without any posts since the reboot. I was busy. Yeah, I had church— even played with the worship team— and had to get groceries and other errands, but I was also refactoring all the tags. Almost all of them. And what’s great is you’ll likely not notice too many changes with the tags on posts. Yeah, some tags were redundant— podcast and podcasts, for instance— but by and large I left the tags “untouched”.

So major refactor of nearly all tags, but left them “untouched”. How? Well, #ios has now become #tech/apple/ios. And #bluegrass has become #music/genres/bluegrass. I added clarity by nesting tags.

Now this does quite a few things in the long run, but in the short I’m surfacing this in one clear way. Go to #music and you’ll not only see posts from #music, but also all child tags. And you’ll see a list of child tags available to filter further. Click #music/genres and you’ll see a list of genres that I’ve blogged about over the last 8 years, for instance. And what’s really nice there is that #music/genres is never used as a tag. I’m filling in the blanks so Astro is building tag pages for empty tags, since loading posts in #music/genres loads all posts from child tags too. So despite it being empty, it loads all those child tag posts and now isn’t empty. The parent tag is also surfaced, so if you land on #tech/apple/ios, you can click the parent tag above the headline #IOS and see more posts about Apple.

Across ~430 posts I use over 300 tags. Tags are more chaotic than categories. I noodled introducing categories, and still may at some point, but tags allow more specificity. These newly reorganized tags should make it much easier to find content across the site.

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