All My Words Fall Short

All my words fall short. I got nothing new.

We sang those words Sunday. I wanted to sing along but I was nearly in tears.

And then Monday came. As a Christian, as a father of an almost nine-year-old daughter, and as a man who knows the rhetoric of the extremist Left intimately, yesterday was a logical burst of a dam from a lot of build-up and I am in mourning for and with my Christian family in Nashville.

And these words ring louder and clearer. All my words fall short. I got nothing new.

I could rage right now. I could write many words. Many are words that I will agree with tomorrow and still next week and the week after. But you don’t want to hear my tone today.

No, instead I will point you to the last three Culture Saturday posts. Three weeks ago I touched on finding comfort when you find yourself among lions. Two weeks ago I addressed the anvil not striking back when hit by the hammer of persecution. And a couple days ago I wrote about taming the lions and bringing them before the throne of Christ. I think I covered most of what should be covered in a good Christian response to persecution in those three posts. I don’t think I need more words.

Let me just say this, Christian. Protect your family. In this country, you still have that right. And knowing that the school was picked over another Christian school because of the lack of security, please talk with your child’s school and your church about security. The deranged individual targeted this school because of their values and faith. It also appears that she might have targeted one of the children specifically. This was a deranged, ideologically charged individual looking to kill Christian children. You are not safe. So be ready to defend yourself.

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