Unfruitful Theological Eggheads

[…] you do have a lot of, even Reformed churches, that produce cultures of unfruitful theological eggheads because they know a lot of theological data but they don’t know what to do with it. […] We should be practitioners. You don’t actually know something until you know how to obey it in your life.

The King’s Hall: Theological Maximalism, Legacy-Minded Cultural Maximalism, & Reformed Catholicity on Apple Podcasts

I have spent over 8 hours this week listening to The King’s Hall podcast. Good, applicable stuff, deep theology and inspiration as a man that is sick of emotionalism and lightweight, fundamental-only theology in and out of the church. Looking to build a legacy and marshal forward the Kingdom through my kids and in my community.

I know that the blog has been a bit light this week. Got a heartache and doing a soft reboot. Tempering and sharpening my sword.

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