A Moral Compass and the Ball Peen Hammer

I happen to believe that it is perverse that our federal government is more concerned about the integrity of Ukraine’s border than they are about the U.S. border. But how would that make the Russians the good guys? And an intelligent person could believe that more of our resources should be deployed to the Texas border than to the border between Gaza and Israel. But how would that make Hamas any less wicked? You can stop making excuses for Biden without starting to make excuses for Hamas.

And it doesn’t help if the “talking points” are evangelistic in nature. If we were all to be shocked by a macabre set of murders that happened in Connecticut, and somebody online started to say things like “well, the victims probably weren’t Christian,” and the judgments of God are inscrutable, the only conclusion I would draw is that we had found ourselves an evangelist with a tin ear, and a tongue like a brick.

A Moral Compass and the Ball Peen Hammer

It’s been hard to articulate my views on Israel over the last few days other than praying without ceasing. Lots of opinions going around in the Christian sphere. Those that want Gaza wiped out, those that want Israel wiped out, those that want America to pounce on Iran, those that want America to not be involved at all. Lots of opinions. And for me… I have had a hard time. Pastor Doug does a great job at articulating many of my concerns, many of my views.

Hamas is wicked, the attacks were pure savagery, and we need to be praying for the victims, the hostages, and all of Israel.

Another way of putting this is that Muslims are not justified in their behavior simply because they can point to a passage in the Quran. There are such passages, but pointing to them will avail nothing. The man who gave them the Quran will also be standing before the judge of the whole earth as well. Muslims will discover at that time that Allah is not the true God, and that their warrant for hatred that they thought they possessed from him was not a valid warrant at all. All of that was forbidden by the true God, the one who will do the actual judging.

Justice, true justice, is coming for all involved. Relativism be damned, no matter how justified Hamas thinks they are because their Quran gives them authority to capture, rape, and torture women and girls. A day is coming when every Muslim will take a knee before the Throne of God Almighty and be held accountable for their sins and they will realize that Allah was nothing but a false idol unworthy of their adoration. My prayer is they find Jesus before they meet Him involuntarily.

And that same prayer goes for the Jews. Jews must follow Christ as well. Without salvation from the Blood of Christ, no man or woman will enter the Kingdom of God. Period. Full stop. And that includes the Jews.

Christian, pray. It is what we do. Wars and rumors of wars abound in these days and what we do is pray. Pray for peace, pray for revival, pray for an end to all the horrors of our world. Pray.

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