Hand-crafted Wood Baby Rattles

Super productive week here at the Finley Home! I have the first four baby rattles almost done— one posted for sale already on Etsy. I have so much lumber, cut offs, and more in my shop and these are made with that. The necks are all from a birds-eye maple board that I’ve made two small instrument necks from— a mando and a uke. The bodies are cut from cutoffs of our walnut kitchen table. The tops are from cut offs from the mandolin I built last year.

I needed one new tool in the shop to make these happen quickly: a routing table. I bought that earlier this month and it has made working these small pieces much faster and a heck of a lot safer.

The other three will get posted for sale over the weekend at this rate. I’ll be getting some pink and purple stain for the next batch so I’ll have blue/green for the boys and pink/purple for the girls.

If you’re looking for that special, one-of-a-kind Christmas present, grab one of these beautiful, wood baby rattles or a cutting board from my shop.

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