Great Guitar Build Off: Progress is Being Made

A couple weeks ago a fire was lit under my butt to finish the baby rattles I started… earlier this year. Last week I sold one of them. Now I’m back to the banger build which is part of the Great Guitar Build Off that I have now done for three years. And it’s due at the end of the month. Both the prior builds were essentially done in 5 weeks, so I’m not terribly concerned about time here.

Saturday and Sunday I finished the headstock inlay, Sunday through to this morning I’ve been thicknessing the headstock, and today I started to profile the neck. This is big progress.

Something always funny to me when building a mandolin— I built an electric mandolin last year— is that the headstock is almost as long as the neck. It feels wrong until the profile starts being revealed. So many strings.

As you recall, this is to be my low-cost instrument that I bring with me places I might not want my very nice mandola with me. Camping, roadtrips, music festivals, etc. I’m still below $300 total on her. I may have gone a bit overboard on the headstock design for the a low-cost instrument, but it’s for me and I wanted to. lol

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