Darkness is as Light

Note: I wrote the following in August of 2022 in my journal. Many words were written in that journal that will not be published. Some were too personal, some too dark. But the following I believe should see the light of day.

Even the darkness is not dark to you;
The night is bright as the day,
For darkness is as light with you.
Psalm 139:12

I don’t want to wallow in this valley. I don’t want to become friends with the untamable beasts that prowl outside my sight. I don’t intend to be here forever, to turn my encampment into a fort.

Dark is not dark for the Lord. What a delicious verse. The Psalmist leads us here with questions of where can he hide that the Lord cannot find him. That before a word is on his tongue, the Lord knows it. In the darkest places, the Lord is there and can see what comes next, for the darkness is not dark to Him. The night is bright as the day.

I do not camp in this valley alone. Even when the fire goes out and the shadows casted become all-encompassing, You are here and know what comes next.

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