This Year I Am Building

As I wrote in November, I have finally gotten into audiobooks. It took a long time to get over… well, myself. The result was consuming 10 books last year. This was a massive bump over previous years of… barely consuming any books. I feel bad about that, but it’s behind me. This week we hit the end of January and I have finished four books this month. Yeah, I’m gonna have to add a bookshelf page to Finley, I am. soon and start writing some book reports.

Build good habits. This requires you to start. And continue. At the start of January I mentioned that I have stopped bringing my phone with me on Sunday’s. It has become a relaxing thing in the morning to not have my phone around— though yesterday I needed to scan a QR code, which led to some fun interactions. I am four weeks into that habit and I love it.

This year I am building. You should too.

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