The Conviction to Lead

I just finished my 6th book of the year, The Conviction to Lead by Albert Mohler. Personally I don’t like consuming “self-help” style books and this one is certainly getting too close to the border of that category, but I was encouraged to read a book on leadership for a goal at work.

Albert Mohler is an author, preacher, and podcaster that I greatly respect and quote regularly. I’ll say that one of my key takeaways from this one was that I need to read more biographies of leaders, so I’m fairly sure I’ll be doing that.

When the leader writes, he writes to inform, to motivate, to explain, and to inspire. Sometimes the leader has to clarify, correct, or even sound an alarm. Whatever the context, words matter and the effective leader works hard to develop the ability to write clearly, cogently, and powerfully.

The Conviction to Lead, Chapter 20

Note that I’ve also updated my Shelf to include the remaining 2023 books.

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