Slaying Leviathan

I noted earlier this year that “[s]ome may assume that I consume a lot of political content,” and “[t]his is only really only true in the sense that everything is political these days.” This year so far, two of the seven books I have read have been directly political: Mere Christendom and Slaying Leviathan. Both, though, are largely philosophy books, with Mere Christendom looking at Christendom and what it would look like to reestablish Christendom today and what steps we need to take to do just that and Slaying Leviathan looking at the history of goverment and it’s relationship with Christianity since the early church fathers to the founding of America. Both of these books are solid and full of good information, thought provoking, and important reads for Christians today.

And hey, I just finished Slaying Leviathan this evening and have updated the Shelf!

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