Gashmu Saith It

You really should give up preaching, and blogging, and publishing, and declaring, and challenging, and prophetically pronouncing. And why? Gashmu saith it. And who is Gashmu? We are not sure exactly, but it distresses us that he is displeased.

Gashmu Saith It, Douglas Wilson

This book is essentially a long article. Hour and a half on Canon+. Have I mentioned Canon+ yet here? Looks like I have not. Canon Press publishes lots of good books, Canon+ is their streaming service. Documentaries, lots of video content, and audiobooks. Lots of them. And not just Canon Press books. $7.99 a month and you can watch and listen to any of these. I pay for Audible too, but they give you a credit a month to buy one book with. Canon+ is unlimited books. If you are a Christian— especially with Calvinist leaning— and want to read more, you cannot go wrong subscribing to Canon+.

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