Hey. Awkward. I’m a insert age calculation code software engineer. I’ve been doing this since the early 2000’s when I was a member of the Animorphs community and an Australian kid helped teach me the basics of web development. I mostly focus on frontend development.

In 2014 I became a dad and in 2017 and 2020 we brought two more fantastic children into the world. Lottie, Kent, and Jon brighten our days.

I’m a Christian. Specifically, I am a Calvinist. My faith is foundational to who I am and my schedule tends to revolve around the church, where I regularly serve as a worship musician. I have been playing guitar since I was ten, picked up the ukulele around 2017, and the mandolin a little after that.

Music is a constant in our house. We have a wall of instruments in our living room. All my children and my wife play, whether it be fiddle, ukulele, or little hand drums.

Music led me to pick up building instruments in the mid 2010’s and it is easily one of my favorite hobbies. It gets me away from computers and glowing screens for hours at a time. Plus, it scratches an itch that has bothered me for years. Every app, every website, every computer thing I do seems to have a very short lifespan. But wood can last a lifetime.

So yeah, bard, engineer, family man, and more. If you check the tag cloud, you’ll see I write a lot about culture, politics, and tech. That will likely continue.